Wild and Crazy Bird Houses

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Why won’t the wild Birds (Sparrows) eat anything I give them?There are wild Birds called Sparrows in our house. I really like to see them, but every time I get near them, they fly away. I tried building Bird houses, but they didn’t work.I used the following foods but the Birds never touched any of them.
Bird Seed
Bird Food
Seeds, grains, corn, bread, rice, wheat, etc.
Hamster Food
Insects, worms, maggots, insect larvae, meal worms, etc.
Food scrapsWhat else can I use? I can’t use the Pigs. The Birds in our house can fly without the Slingshot!

Posted by MyPet
[display_name id=”1″]The english house sparrows i used to have as pets and they liked wild bird seed and tiny pieces of bread, really tiny. They liked corn to but had trouble chewing it up. I read that 80% of their diet is insects and they would really go crazy for flys. They liked cooked ground up beef to. The food needs to fit in their mouth or be mushy enough for them to tare apart. I have parakeets and throw a lot of their food in my drive way and the sparrows always come for that stuff to.Food around the size of rice is perfect size for them which they also eat rice.Sparrows are not a bird you want around if your a bird watcher they chase all the other types away.

I through most my table scraps in my yard. Get a lot of birds now and squirrels and rabbits and a few random cats.

What does this mean? A strange wild black cat showed up and the little black birds begin chirping so loud?Could hear them chirping from inside the house. I do feed wild cats but never a black one and the birds don’t usually go crazy.
Good at least it’s not a omen. I.

Posted by Tina Marie
[display_name id=”1″]Sounds to me as if the Birds where either scared or where warning each other of danger.

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Wild and Crazy bird houses