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Wild bird food!!!!!!!Well my dog caught a bird and long story short he doesnt have any tail feathers. So i was wondering if you could give it guinea pig food????
Or should i jus stick with bread??

Posted by Donna C

[display_name id=”1″]If your dog caught a bird the bird needs to go to a wildlife rehabber or vet who takes injured wildlife that will transport bird there for care. Either is free. Until then keep warm, feed mealworms, seed. Can also soak dog food or cat food in water cut up and give to bird. Provide shallow cap of water. Needs medical care because saliva from cat or dog is toxic to birds. Also unable to release a bird with no tail feathers. Bread is not good for birds as it contains yeast that can potentially create problems in their crop. Can also cut up small pieces of fruit blueberries apples (cut tiny and offer ). Please get to rehabber or vet thanks for caring. 🙂 Good luck.

Will wild birds eat dog food?We are are all frozen over and snowed in here at the moment – always looking for alternative food sources to put out for wild birds and wondered if they can/will eat tinned dog food? Does it do them any harm?

Posted by eddies_mum

[display_name id=”1″]Eddies Mum; Great to see ye thinking of the wild birds who are really taking a serious hammering right now.

Tinned Dog food? It’ll have a high enough fat content. Could be a fair amount of cereal in there too, believe it or not. So, it’ll probably do the birds who try some no more harm than it will ye Dog. Only, the birds will find other stuff to supplement it.

Even the more omnivorous birds, fed on tinned Dog food, don’t last. But, as a stop gap? Go for it.

Other stuff to offer the birds? Right now it’s a bit of an emergency situation. I have them virtually begging me for food here. So, about anything ye’ve got. Fruit is good. Solid fats too. The turkeys carcass might make a really welcome soup ~ yeah; Sarcasm! LOL! ~ for you. Or, it could keep a lot of birds alive. Fetch it in though, once it gets dark. Put it back out at first light.

Another point is to spread things around a bit. Half an apple will feed a single Blackbird. Because one will hog it. Put bits of the same half apple six foot apart? More birds have a chance of getting some without being chased away.

Keep that Dog out of the garden, walk it out front. Try not to disturb the birds yeself. Flying into cover and hiding from ye costs them energy and feeding time.

Will wild birds eat parakeet food?My parakeet food just died a few days ago (old age had him for 15 years) and i had a full thing of food… And i wish not to get another parakeet. And i was thinking with the left overs i would put it out after winter for the wild birds to eat…so i guess my question is…… Will wild birds eat parakeet food.

Posted by Stephy

[display_name id=”1″]Absolutely. My parrot’s leftovers go out to my bird feeder every day, I have the happiest critters in the neighborhood.

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Wild Bird Seed

Questions and Answers

50 Pound wild bird seed?I found 40 pounds, 50.in las vegas, nevada thanks.

Posted by WAIGHT
[display_name id=”1″]What bird is going to eat a seed that is 50 lbs.

Can a Bird eating wild marijuana seed transport it by poop to other locations so it will grow?Some seed birds eat can start new plants when its pooped out..Can marijuana seed?

Posted by Thomas
[display_name id=”1″]One of the main uses for cannabis seeds is as bird seed. In the US they have to be sterilized first. I doubt that it is usually transported by birds. There really isn’t a fruit that entices them to swallow the seed. Most of them that eat it break the seeds but it is likely that some birds might transport it that way. The same is probably true of mammals. Small mammals eat the whole seed and destroy it but something like a Rhino might very well spread it far and wide. Mostly I think they are spread by floods and gravity.

This guy seems to basically agree with me.

Can you feed parakeets wild bird seed?

Posted by scottiegmoss
[display_name id=”1″]Wild bird feed often contains too much sunflower seed to be healthy for parakeets. It can give them gout, among other things. I would feed a mix specially formulated for parakeets, or talk with your vet and learn how to mix your own. The short answer is, “Yes, you can feed it to parakeets, but it may not be very healthy over the long haul.”

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