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Thought I might start focusing in on some of our migratory birds we can expect to see this fall/winter/spring. Starting with the Song sparrow (Melospiza melodia). Look for this small, brownish bird in brushy areas especially those of you fortunate enough to have dense streamside thickets near you. Once you hear him sing, this songbird will be unmistakable. Whether they are just using the Gulf Coast as a “fueling” stop, or joining us as true “snowbirds” do – the vast numbers and species of birds can be overwhelming.

I started by vowing to learn just one new birdsong a month (don’t want to get too carried away!). I’ve done well with some songbirds, others not-so-well. The key is don’t quit. Pick a bird – sparrow, towhee, oriole – it doesn’t matter – and learn about them one at a time. Better yet, get a new bird feeder this winter, a different shape or size, a birdfeeder that uses other types of bird seed and see what new birds you can attract to your backyard menagerie. When you see a new bird on your bird feeder or in that holly tree – that’s the time to learn all you can about your new found friend!

Remember – relax – enjoy – don’t take it too seriously! Nature’s stress reliever is not supposed to be stressful.

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