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How to avoid squirrels off a bird feeder?

Posted by resurrectionnnn
[display_name id=”1″] This is what we did. It really worked.We mounted the bird feeder on a pole away from the trees so that the squirrels couldn’t jump from above onto the feeder. Then we put a squirrel baffle beneath the feeder on the pole so that the squirrels couldn’t climb up the pole to the feeder from below. There are baffles that look like a cylinder, but we used the kind that looks like a wide flat cone. The squirrels tried to climb up the pole but couldn’t get over the lip of the baffle to resume climbing the pole from the other side. We mounted the feeder about 5 feet off the ground and the baffle below that but no lower than 4 feet.You can also get the special feeders where there is a special weighted perch. The birds are light enough not to set off the lever, but the squirrels are heavy enough to depress the lever and close off the opening to the seed. We found our way above cheaper and more effective. We had a simple platform feeder with a roof to keep the seed dry. You could combine the special feeder with the baffle if your yard is heavily wooded.
Trying to get started cheaply in bird feeders? I put some seed and just used a pie pan with a fist-sized rock in it to keep the pan from blowing away. My wife did hear a little chirping/singing whatever outside (I put it on the step to our deck). But it’s a pain because if it rains or snows I have to bring it in to keep it from getting soaked.
Today I bought a metal tube with holes in it you fill with seed, so I filled that tonight and hung it on a hook we use for a wind chime in the summer.
We don’t seem to have a whole lot of birds around here, but was hoping to attract them just to watch and listen. Doesn’t matter much what kind really. Squirrels aren’t a problem here either, or other wildlife, just the occasional rabbit.
The seed i bought is safflower. It mixes aren’t a really good idea. If I could pick out a particular bird we’d want it would be cardinals, I have seen a few of these around, or just anything with color would be fine. Any advice would be appreciated. We’d rather stay away from pole mounts.
Thanks for the replies: Follow up question; is it true birds actually can “use” the feeders more in the summer than in the winter??? I would think surviving the winter would be harder….

Posted by baron_von_party
[display_name id=”1″]Uh Oh, an interest that can get you into deep money! Wild Bird house awaits your arrival at their front door! The metal tube will probably work eventually. It takes awhile for birds to find anew feeder. I don’t know if the metal would be a problem……usually I have some clear plastic tube so othey can see it, a tray so they can throw it around (or so it seems) or a thistle bag. Don’t forget to have open water for them to drink!Here’s some help:With black-oil sunflower seed – goldfinches, woodpeckers, titmice, chickadees, nuthatches, redpolls, pine siskins, cardinals, crossbills, white-throated sparrow, white-crowned sparrows, jays, purple finches, house finches
With safflower seed – chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, finches, cardinals, grosbeaks
With mixed seed – doves, Carolina wrens, thrashers, cardinals, sparrows, juncos, goldfinches, woodpeckers, titmice, chickadees, nuthatches, white-throated sparrows, white crowned sparrows, jays, purple finches.
I have a bird feeder in my back yard.My problem is squirrels keep getting into it and run off the birds. What can I do?

Posted by sandy k
[display_name id=”1″]There are a number of pole mounted feeders on the market that are reputed to be squirrel-proof. check our shop. Some work by weight – when the squirrel jumps on it, the weight of the squirrel closes the feeding holes. Some have wire mesh over the feeder, so only small birds can get into the feed, keeping out not only the squirrels, but larger birds as well. Then there are squirrel baffles, metal cones that you place over or under the feeder (depending on if it is a hanging feeder, or a pole-mounted feeder) that are supposed to make it impossible for the squirrel to climb into the feeder.As many people who have tried these feeders and baffles will tell you, they don’t work all that well – squirrels are very clever and can usually defeat any mechanical devices designed to keep them from the feeders.Best solution is to add hot peppers to the birdseed. Birds love them, and squirrels can’t stand them.There is even a company that developed a pepper product to keep squirrels out of feeders: Http://www.hotbirdseed.com/html/faq.html

Humming birds chasing each other away from feeder

Hummers guarding the food sources.

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Pole mounted bird feeders