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Bird ID

Songbirds & Sparrows in your Backyard

    Thought I might start focusing in on some of our migratory birds we can expect to see this fall/winter/spring. Starting with the Song sparrow (Melospiza melodia). Look for this small, brownish bird in brushy areas especially those of you fortunate enough to have dense streamside thickets near you. Once you hear him sing, this […]

Avian Conjunctivitis

So, the poor little bird was on the ground and seemed disoriented … when I approached her she didn’t fly away, just kept pecking at the ground in front of her as if oblivious to my presence. Then I spotted it – her crusted eye on the left and a slightly swollen and reddened right […]

Tilley Hats

No matter whether he’s a golfer, a fisherman, a birder – or just an all around GREAT DAD, this hat is guaranteed to bring a smile to his face. This Father’s Day give him the gift of a lifetime – that’s right, a Tilley hat with a lifetime warranty – guaranteed to NEVER WEAR OUT or […]

How Many Sea Gulls are on the Gulf Coast?

Sea Gulls how many do you see? In all actuality you do not see any sea gulls, there is no such thing as a sea gull but there are many species of Gulls found on the Gulf Coast and around the world.