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What will bird feeders do?If I put a bird feeder in my backyard will it keep birds from eating my flowers and strawberries? Or will it just cause the birds to eat my strawberries.

Posted by El
[display_name id=”1″]Birds don’t eat flowers though some pollinate them and if they have gone to seed they will eat some of the seeds.
As for strawberries, ( or cherries, raspberries and some others) if you have these and birds are damaging them people usually cover them with bird netting during the fruiting times, set up scare crows or other detractors. I would choose the netting myself because you really don’t know if a detractor will work or not. But the netting always stops them.
Don’t fill the feeder until winter. Buy ONE 50 pound sack of sunflower seeds and on your picnic table ( protected by something) spread out a 1 pound tin of seeds each day. The birds will visit every day even though they eat everything quickly. That way to get to enjoy seeing them, you help them survive the toughest part of the year, and it doesn’t cost you much. Some people feed all the time. This is costly for them and isn’t necessary. Only feed in winter, there is plenty of food the rest of the time.

What kind of Bird Feeder to get for a city dwelling?I live in a fairly urban area near Oakland, California, which is very urban but also has large regional park areas full of wildlife. I am trying to attract some small amount of wildlife to my yard. I am planting clover for bees, and a wildflower blend to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. I am also getting a hummingbird feeder and a bird bath.

I would also like to get a bird feeder, but am having trouble knowing what kind to get. Different feeders have different perches and allow for different types of seeds, all of which changes what kind of birds they attract… I don’t want to buy a bird feeder that’s made to attract birds that aren’t found in my area! Suet feeders sound nice and are supposed to attract songbirds? I like the idea of songbirds, but I don’t know how universal this is… If I need a regular feeder instead of a suet feeder, what kind of seed should I be looking into getting? I am very confused on what to purchase!

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

Posted by Carina

[display_name id=”1″]Wild birds really don’t need supplementary feeding in the Summer months, Winter is the time they need help when natural food is in short supply. It is best not to provide fat feeders with suet when birds are feeding their babies they simply have no need for suet at this time of year & if it is warm where you live it will quickly go mouldy & smell.

You can’t go far wrong with a mesh peanut feeder for the Autumn/Winter months along with a good quality table seed to go on an open bird table. Avoid seed mixes with lots of wheat just attracts pigeons. Birds need water to drink so a bird bath is a great idea, clean it out once a week & put fresh water in.

You could Google bird seed suppliers in your area. Also learn which birds live in your area so you know foods will attract them. You could plant native bushes in your yard to attract birds. Small finches are attracted to seed & peanut feeders. Thrushes & robins love sultanas & berries.

When will birds find my feeder?It’s summer in Wisconsin and I put up two feeders. One is squirrel proof, another is a platform with protective cover. I also hung up nesting material for any species nesting right now. It has rained for the past two days and the feeder has only been up for two days, but I am just so eager to see birds! The bird food I use is the Wild Birds Unlimited No Mess Blend.

Does anyone know how long it typically takes birds to find new feeders? My neighbor has a feeder and a bird bath too. Thanks!

Posted by Random Seagull

[display_name id=”1″]Most birds have plenty to eat now. They will come in the fall when food starts to get scarce. Spring is the big time for nesting. Remove the food from the feeders. It will be spoiled by next spring and make the birds sick.

Supersaver is an acrylic parrot feeder that hangs on the outside of the cage , is recycleable,
and there is no mess on the floor.

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Questions and Answers

How can you keep squirrels out of bird feeders?

Posted by lynnesywathen
[display_name id=”1″]There is a bird feeder that is built so that it will hold the weight of the bird but not anything heavier. Any other animal will cause the wholes where there is access to food to close. I’m not sure the name of the brand but our Walmart carries it. I think specialty pet stores do to.
Who knows how to make a good bird trap?I am not going to keep the bird i just want to take a picture and i will let it go.

Posted by Jen
[display_name id=”1″]The best bird trap that you’ll ever need is #1 a bird feeder, #2 a bird bath. If you’re even more adventurous a small bird house on a post with dowels coming out. If you like humming birds then a sugar water feeder. These kind of traps as you call them will attrack them and you can take pictures of them in their natural state and habitat. All this in your back yard of course. You’d be surprized how many species you’ll attract. Bird food at Walmart for wild birds. Real cheap. Have seen all kinds in my back yard. Robins, Orioles, reg. Sparrows, bobwhites it’s endless when you feed them.

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