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How can you keep squirrels out of bird feeders?

Posted by lynnesywathen
[display_name id=”1″]There is a bird feeder that is built so that it will hold the weight of the bird but not anything heavier. Any other animal will cause the wholes where there is access to food to close. I’m not sure the name of the brand but our Walmart carries it. I think specialty pet stores do to.
Who knows how to make a good bird trap?I am not going to keep the bird i just want to take a picture and i will let it go.

Posted by Jen
[display_name id=”1″]The best bird trap that you’ll ever need is #1 a bird feeder, #2 a bird bath. If you’re even more adventurous a small bird house on a post with dowels coming out. If you like humming birds then a sugar water feeder. These kind of traps as you call them will attrack them and you can take pictures of them in their natural state and habitat. All this in your back yard of course. You’d be surprized how many species you’ll attract. Bird food at Walmart for wild birds. Real cheap. Have seen all kinds in my back yard. Robins, Orioles, reg. Sparrows, bobwhites it’s endless when you feed them.

Yikes! Big Oil, Big Pharmaceutical … And BIG BIRD

Big Oil, Big Pharmaceutical, and now Big Bird. That’s right, stores like WalMart are selling crappy birdhouses made in China. offers bird houses and feeders, and other wildlife products, hand-crafted by wildlife experts, made in America, and built to last from sustainably harvested plantation mahogany. Oh, and a bonus: FREE shipping.

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