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Are birds good house pets?I have always adored birds. I was looking into getting two small finches but my mother claims that they are dirty and loud. Someone else told me the environment has to change and things have to be a lot different. Is it worth it?

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[display_name id=”1″]Absolutly!!! Birds in my opinion are way better than a dog or cat. Birds are much smarter, live longer, and cost less. No more spending hundreds at the vet or pet store. And, if you like to travel with your pet or hate paying a lot for a pet sitter, you can easily bring your birds with you. And, many airlines will let you bring your bird in an airline-approved crate. No more scary kennels that you would normally send a dog or cat to. See all positives? I think that they weigh out the loudness or dirtyness by a longshot. And those problems can be fixed with some creative thinking. You can cover the cage at night, and get covered feeders that prevent seeds and pellets to go flying. Also, you dont waste money because without a covered feeder, some birds will poop in their food/water. (yes, yes, EW.) Just think about it for a bit, and I’m sure those finches will bring a nice and cheery sond versus a loud “scream” as bigger parrots are known for.
Hope this helps!!!
Hanging outdoor bird houses?I have a few bird houses to hang outside. How far away should I have bird feeders and baths from the houses? Should I put any straw, sticks, or anything in the empty houses to start them off?

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[display_name id=”1″]In general there are specific houses for specific bird species. What I recommend is find out what kind of bird will use the houses that you purchased, then what you can do is find out by google searching what the parameters are for the houses. Just like there are different houses for different birds they like to be in different places and different heights, i.e. Black Phoebes love to be near moving water like a fountain that is always on or a backyard pond with a pump so the water is in motion, they also nest under a overhang. What I have done is, I bought a platform type nest “box” thought it isn’t a box and I hung it on my house under an eve that was adjacent to my fountain. Because Black Phoebes don’t mind nesting where humans are present you can hang the platform on or near your home. If you need more help e-mail me via my Answers profile and I will be glad to help—Good luck with everything, if you can encourage birds to nest on you property it is a wonderful sight to see.
Need help with a hummingbird feeder – no birds?I put this red and yellow hummingbird feeder out with my red colored walmart mix hummingbird nectar and I got 1 hummingbird. The feeder at that time was next to the house.
Then no activity at all. I read online that the nectar goes bad so I made my own clear 1 to 4 mix of sugar and water and moved the feeder to a tree away from the house. Still no birds. What can I do?
FUNNY UPDATE: I know some of you have said not to move the feeder but I went outside to move it back to near the house where I could see it. I figured that if the birds haven’t gotten here yet that that would be a better spot.
Well as I was about to take the last knot out of the string holding it up I heard a peculiar buzzing over my head. I see nothing and then down hovers next to me a bright red throat humming bird and he’s just looking at me. So I’ve still got my hands on it and he goes in and is drinking for maybe 30 seconds. Then I here another one and it is brown but it wants nothing to do with what the other bird did so it sits on a branch about 2 feet away. Soon after that i saw a green and red one.
I still can’t see the birds on the feeder from my house very well though.

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[display_name id=”1″]Here’s where the birds are so far…. The ruby throats, that is…Http://

if you’re in CA your birds will come if the nectar is fresh and you leave ti where it is for long enough for them to check it out and decide it’s safe…..

I put mine up last week so that it would be a ‘normal’ object in the yard when the birds DO get here…. Some years ours show up in May, some years,not till almost July…. But they’ve been staying later…..

Have patience…. They’ll find you….

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