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Avian Conjunctivitis

So, the poor little bird was on the ground and seemed disoriented … when I approached her she didn’t fly away, just kept pecking at the ground in front of her as if oblivious to my presence. Then I spotted it – her crusted eye on the left and a slightly swollen and reddened right […]

Decorative Hummingbird Feeders

Questions and Answers How do I make my own humming bird food? Posted by smo5keyr [display_name id=”1″]One part sugar to 4 parts water. (One cup sugar to 4 cups water) Do not add food coloring they don’t need it. Generally your hummingbird feeders will have red flowers in it, if you have a decorative feeder […]

Hanging Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Questions and Answers Is it too early to hang out bird seed?squirrelllsss r coolll…were scared of bears. Posted by Oldfart=] [display_name id=”1″]I have it out year round and the most important thing is to make sure you have a squirrel proof feeder otherwise you’ll get no birds and tons of squirrels. Squirrel proof feeders can […]

How Many Sea Gulls are on the Gulf Coast?

Sea Gulls how many do you see? In all actuality you do not see any sea gulls, there is no such thing as a sea gull but there are many species of Gulls found on the Gulf Coast and around the world.

Wild Bird Seed

Questions and Answers 50 Pound wild bird seed?I found 40 pounds, 50.in las vegas, nevada thanks. Posted by WAIGHT [display_name id=”1″]What bird is going to eat a seed that is 50 lbs. Can a Bird eating wild marijuana seed transport it by poop to other locations so it will grow?Some seed birds eat can start […]

Pole Mounted Bird Feeders

Questions and Answers How to avoid squirrels off a bird feeder? Posted by resurrectionnnn [display_name id=”1″] This is what we did. It really worked.We mounted the bird feeder on a pole away from the trees so that the squirrels couldn’t jump from above onto the feeder. Then we put a squirrel baffle beneath the feeder on […]

Bird Feeders all types

Questions and Answers How can you keep squirrels out of bird feeders? Posted by lynnesywathen [display_name id=”1″]There is a bird feeder that is built so that it will hold the weight of the bird but not anything heavier. Any other animal will cause the wholes where there is access to food to close. I’m not […]

Bird Feeders and Bird Houses

Questions and Answers Are birds good house pets?I have always adored birds. I was looking into getting two small finches but my mother claims that they are dirty and loud. Someone else told me the environment has to change and things have to be a lot different. Is it worth it? Posted by [display_name id=”1″]Absolutly!!! […]

Wild and Crazy Bird Houses

Questions and Answers Why won’t the wild Birds (Sparrows) eat anything I give them?There are wild Birds called Sparrows in our house. I really like to see them, but every time I get near them, they fly away. I tried building Bird houses, but they didn’t work.I used the following foods but the Birds never […]