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    The Bird House, a nature store, is a family-owned business dedicated to meeting the needs of the wild bird and nature lover.

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Wild Bird Information

Seed PhotoThe Bird House .. a nature store and the Gulf Coast Wild Bird House Supply and Nature Store is conveniently located on Bienville Blvd (US Hwy90) in Ocean Springs. We service not only the wild bird lovers in Mississippi – but also Louisiana, Alabama and Florida ~ serving the entire Gulf Coast wild bird community. We are a full-service wild bird feeding store. We carry the largest line of wild bird houses, wild bird feeders, wild bird feeding accessories and the freshest wild bird food on the Gulf Coast – specializing in our very own.

Bird ID

Songbirds & Sparrows in your Backyard

    Thought I might start focusing in on some of our migratory birds we can expect to see this fall/winter/spring. Starting with the Song sparrow (Melospiza melodia). Look for this small, brownish bird in brushy areas especially those of you fortunate enough to have dense streamside thickets near you. Once you hear him sing, this […]

Feeding wild birds is our passion.

Bird feeding is an activity of not only wild bird enthusiasts, but also those who simply enjoy attracting our usual local suspects that frequent suburban backyards. This involves establishing a feeding station and offering bird food, a bird bath and perhaps a native plant or two to help establish a friendly habitat. The particular food and feeder chosen will help in determining the birds you attract.

Seed bird feeders are the most common variety. These can differ in style and design from seed tubes to hopper styles, platform trays and suet feeders. View the full line of styles at our store.

Wild bird food comes in a multitude of varieties, the most common being Black oil sunflower seed, the preferred food for over 80% of wild birds and therefore incredibly popular with bird fanciers. There are as many seed blends available for backyard bird feeding as there are feeders. Not all seed blends are created equal so the more you learn about what wild birds eat, the better birds you will attract to your backyard.


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All products are made in the USA with quality and pride.